Quite Your Mind

  • Regardless if you choose to get in touch with your spirit or not, it still exists.
  • We are allowing others to control us by not getting back to our roots.
  • We all need to get back in touch with the universal mind. If we do not we will lose so much more.
  • We need to stop our air, water, and food from being manipulated further.
  • We all need to understand that we are frequencies (vibrations) and allowing the pollution of air waves needs to all stop.
  • We all need to team together to stop these monstrosities, and the only way to do this is to teach everyone how to tap into the universal mind.
  • We have to get back to our roots (spirits).
  • We need not be afraid.

Remember fear is a liar.
Break up with fear.

Embrace your gift of life, connect with the universal mind.

Most people in this world believe that they must always be thinking of something all the time. Well how well does that work while your attempting to sleep? Not well, right?
Using drugs to attempt to put your mind to sleep? Learning to to quiet the mind should be a priority to all.

To have more peace and harmony in your life it is best to quiet the mind and get in touch with the universal mind.

A priority is to learn to quiet your mind. Once you can achieve a quiet mind, then you will be more rested, refreshed, relaxed, and more.

Once you learn to quiet your mind, next steps (if you choose to):

  • Connect with your spiritual guides
  • Connect to the universal mind
  • Astral Project
  • Remote View

How to quiet your mind

I will eventually write exactly how I was taught to achieve a quiet mind. For know you can search for how to quiet a mind. Hopefully you will get good results from the search.

You must read and understand the process of how to achieve a quiet mind.

Audio products that can accelerate your process:

Explain the brain and how it develops from birth, including critical factor.

The mind, brain, the thinking, the way thoughts are created, all have an effect on the way you react. What you have been taught and now believe can hurt you.

I like to use and example of the brain being a sponge. The brain picks up and records all senses regardless of where you are at or doing. Your subconscious does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. Humans develop a critical factor around the age of four and five. Before getting this critical factor, humans from birth are in a beta state of mind. (EXPLAIN BRAIN WAVES.) Humans are programming their brain while in beta. While a brain is in Beta anything that is fact or fiction now becomes fact, whether you wanted it to be part of your programming or not.

Everything that has been done is already on the time line of the past, recorded history that should be not be tampered with or changed. The present, as well as the future can be seen.

  • (Explain Remote Viewing, Out of Body Experience (OBE), etc., and the difference between them. Include how to.)

The point that I want to get to is that what you know as a fact may not be a fact at all.


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