Gain Sanity and clarity in your life

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then I am not sure there is one.   You could get prescription drugs or take illegal drugs however the long-term outcome is not going to benefit you or your body.  You can go to years of therapy and still never retain your sanity until you learn to clear your mind and let go of the issues causing your mental stress.  Ignoring your subconscious is not a good choice.

  1. Learn to clear your mind. It is not healthy to have multiple thoughts in your mind. Take control of your mind.  You should have a still mind. Let everything go.
  2. Believe in Jesus and/or the ‘Universal Consciousness’ also referred to as the ‘Universal Mind’. I mostly will refer to this as the universe within, however all are within the same meaning and actually are the same.
  3. Even if you are atheist, I would hope that you feel there is more than just you in this world. I would hope that you have some type of conscious living inside of you to know what is right and what is wrong.  Grasp onto that feeling and learn from it.
  4. Learn how to meditate. This is so important and is pushed away by so many. 
  5. Let go of everything in your mind, do not allow yourself to worry or fear.
  6. Remember fear is a liar. Do not let fear run your life.  Obviously if you are in real danger then you should take actions, fear will only hurt you, so do not fear.  Learn to let this feeling go.
  7. Learn to Love and not hate.  Let go of hatred.  Do not let hate to control your life. 
  8. If someone goes against you, release your fears and worries to the Universe. Believe that it is not up to you to discipline or take negative action again those that hurt you.  Honestly forgive them and move on.  I did not say to forget, just let go and move on.  Believe that the universe will take and deal with situations that are beyond your control.  You may dwell on the situation if you desire, just make sure you dwell on positive and loving thoughts.
  9. Learn to concentrate on desires you want to manifest in your life. Learn to bring in thoughts you want and disregard thoughts you do not want.
  10. Think positive all the time, if negative thoughts come into you mind, push them away.
  11. Keep a mental note of tasks you want to complete.  Ask yourself to remember that you need this/these tasks done. 
  12. When you want to ask the ‘Universal Consciousness’ a question, clear your mind, ask your question, and wait for your answer.
  13. Set goals on what you want to achieve.
  14. Anything you must do that appears overwhelming and/or you feel you just cannot achieve, then break the goals down into small tasks to complete your goal. Accomplish each task until your goal is complete.  Ask for the universe to assist you as described above and wait for the answer.
  15. Unfortunately, it appears that there will always be evil in this world. It is how we deal with it is the most important.  Pray, meditate on how you would like the evil that comes into your life to vanish.  Do not fear evil or the dark.  Embrace evil and dark and show love and light and evil will leave.  If you let Evil control your life, I do not see much happiness for you or anyone that is connected to you.

Please let me know your thoughts.  This was a quick writing.  Comments are always welcome and encouraged.  I believe it was important to write this article as I have seen many people in turmoil over situations that they do not know how to control and allow themselves to get angry and get out of control.  Making an unhealthy environment for those around them.  It is very sad how and what many people believe these days.  So much misconception in this world, and we have created a society that does not care for life.   Very Sad indeed!