Manifesting your desires quicker

Think positive. Push negative thoughts away, immediately. A better response from the universal mind will manifest if your desires you request are beneficial to more than yourself.

Be thankful for everything that comes into your life.  Constantly think of all the great things you have.

 (You feel your life is so bad that you do not have anything to be thankful for?  What about be thankful that you have this gift of life.  Be thankful that you can breathe.  Be thankful for the air that you breathe. Be thankful for your health, your body, your organs.  Be thankful for the world that has been given for you to manifest your desires into.  Be creative and be thankful.  Fill your heart with gratitude. Continue on this………..)

Negative things may come into your life.  It is how you handle the negative situation that is important.

Once you have your mind under control it is important to remove negative, destructive thoughts that have been set into your unconscious part of brain. 

Get a hold of a KJV 1611 version of the Bible and read and understand the parables.

If you do not believe in a God or especially that Jesus died for you, then understand the KJV Bible fables and learn from them so you do not make the same mistakes.  This is important for all to understand as history is made by the people who write our books.  If we continue to forget how history played out for real then we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. 

Get a hold of Noah Websters 1828 dictionary to reference words you do not understand while reading the 1611 KJV bible.


It is important to not except any other version or date, especially NIV, as translation of words have been misapprehended and added or removed to assist with word changes in time.  These other versions end up misleading you.  Stay with the Noah Websters 1828 dictionary to define words you do not understand.  As time continues words become a different meaning than they have in the past.  It is very important to understand this and not let others substitute words for you as when this does happen the content looses what the writer intended you to understand and learn.