Proper diet is essential for good health

  1. Meat, Dairy, Sea Food should not be consumed by humans.
    1. If consumed it should be limited and should be free of toxins, chemicals, not radiated, not homogenized nor pasteurized that assists to keep a longer shelf life.
    2. It is proven that dairy will clog your arteries and causes loss of blood flow and eventually heart attack.
      1. Dairy attaches to your arteries walls and over time weakens your arteries as dairy builds up and eventually clogs your arteries so blood flow decrease and eventually stopes the flow of blood, causing heart attacks.
      2. Surgery procedure to remove the clog, however once clog is removed your artery will collapse so a stent (a hollow tubular support) must be placed in this area of you artery so it does not collapse.
      3. Meat, Dairy, and sea food do not give you the proper nutrition that your body seeks.
  2. Fish should be a good source of Omegas 3-6-9 fatty acids however the mercury and other toxic chemicals that pollute our rivers and oceans make most sea food more poisonous to us then the benefits of what Omegas you will get.
    1. You should seek a good source of cold pressed flax seed oil.
  3. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables are where you will get the most vitamins and minerals that your body is asking for.
  4. Green Powders (wheatgrass, Spirulina, etcetera) are another source to keep you Alkalized and provide you with Vitamins and minerals.
  5. Microgreens are another great way to get Vitamins and minerals into your body.

Human Basic Requirements

  • Please read Human Basics for a basic understanding that most do not realize.

What is Raw Food?

  • Raw food literally means ‘uncooked’, unprocessed, and often organic.
  • The terms ‘live’ or ‘living’ food is given to raw foods like sprouted seeds and beans, foods grown indoors and consumed, like wheat grass, pea greens, and sunflower greens.
  • Types of Raw Food

Iodized Salt

  • Salt is a preservative that is used in most all products produced.
  • You are most like getting to much sodium in your diet if you are eating processed foods.
  • You should not use Iodized salt to raise your iodine level.
  • Himalayan pink salt does not have iodine added.


  • When it comes to ACID and ALKALINE we are similar to any creature that God has created. 
  • All plants and animals have a PH to them. 
  • Humans need to be at a PH of 7.2 (this is slightly alkaline.)
  • This is a basic concept that applies to all life. 
  • If a fish water is too acidic or to0 alkaline, the fish will not be able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the food that is provided to the fish and will be more subjective to disease. 
  • If any plant food is given to a plant that is to alkaline or acidic for that plant, then the plant will not absorb the nutrients of the food. 
  • I like this chart as it is obvious what is in Green can be consumed to alkalize the body, and anything in RED is acid to our bodies. 

Thought to keep in mind:
It takes more Alkaline to neutralize Acid.  Elaborate more on this in detail.

Stop buying products that are not healthy

I stated this before.

Supply and Demand.

If there is no demand for a product then the supply will stop.

Key words to search the internet for:

Site for more information

Why is our food poisoned?

  • I am not sure exactly how we can stop this as we have large corporation (Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Syngenta, Dow Chemical Company and BASF) still concerned about the profit they make over human lives.
  • The chemicals and the GMO foods they produce are causing death and changing our food source forever.
  • This change is not good and if we do not wake up soon, it may be too late.
  • Also, the chemicals that are sprayed in the air and on the GMO foods, like Roundup are also polluting our land, air, and us.
  • Do you honestly believe that if you spray nothing but Roundup on GMO seeds, and everything around these seeds die however the seed thrives and produces more larger product than an heirloom seed that this can be in some way good to eat? Really?
  • The radiation, pollution in our air and earth that our plants are grown in also affect us!

Heirloom VS GMO

We may never have organic foods once all heirloom seeds have been cross pollinated with GMO seeds. Upsetting is that heirloom farmers are told that they must protect themselves against GMO cross pollinating. This is unfair as it is the new GMO seeds that should be stopped from cross pollinating to our heirloom fields. GMO is the evil and predator. Once the GMO seeds cross pollinate into the heirloom farmers land, these large corporation will sue and take the lands of heirloom farmers for seeds into our world. Seed banks maybe our only salvation.  Radiation is also an issue.

  • We may never have organic foods once all heirloom seeds have been cross pollinated with GMO seeds.
  • There are seed banks throughout this earth that have been collecting all types of seeds and storing them.  This may save us from genetically modified seeds.
  • Most upsetting is that heirloom farmers are told that they must protect themselves against GMO cross pollinating.
  • This is unfair as it is the new GMO seeds that should be stopped from cross pollinating to our heirloom fields.
  • GMO is the evil and predator. This predator is changing our heirloom seeds and destroying our nutritional substance for a healthy life.
  • Once the GMO seeds cross pollinate into the heirloom farmers land, these large corporation will sue and take the lands of heirloom farmers for using GMO seeds that are patented by these large corporations.

Monsanto is the number one threat to the world at this time of writing among the other six listed above that must be stopped now.
Bayer (at time of writing) purchased Monsanto.
Monsanto do the world a favor and change your ways and spend your money and help this world. 

  • Gratefully there has been some lawsuits against large corporations that have shown they were wrong, and the outcome was they were negligent and have been fined, however this is not enough, they should be stopped.
  • It was nice that Monsanto’s GMO corn seeds grew more corn ears per stock and with spraying these fields with Roundup, killing off everything around it (and causing cancer to humans), producing even higher yields over heirloom.
  • What do you do with all this corn after you have already produced enough corn to feed all the humans and animals in the world and lowering corn prices to an all-time low?
    • Turn it into High Fructose Corn Syrup. 
    • Replace cane sugar.
    • Manufacturers to reduce cost now use High Fructose Corn Syrup over cane sugar.
    • Did you notice how cane sugar is no longer a main ingredient on anything?
    • As the world started getting wind that High Fructose Corn Syrup is bad, Manufacturers did bring back cane sugar for some products, like Mountain Dew.  
    • They soon found that healthy people don’t drink Mountain Dew and it really did not matter if they put corn syrup as the replacement.
    • There actually is a difference with the taste between the two.
      • cane sugar has a sharper, cleaner sweet taste and does not leave your throat with a syrup slime feeling. 

Meat (Flesh)

  • I was startled to find that meat does not give a human the correct protein.
  • I was even more startled to find out that broccoli, spinach, any green vegetable has more protein than meat.
  • These vegetables not only have more protein than meat, they also have the correct protein for your body to use, along with vitamins, minerals, and others that meat cannot give you.

Raw plant products (Do not cook your Food)

  • RAW, not heated fruit and vegetables, preferably freshly picked.
  • Any heating above 118°F kills off any benefits of that food to life on this planet.
  • Believing that meat is good for you is a thought that will end up making you sick and have a shorter life. 

Energies for Life- Acid & Alkaline Food Chart

  • Removed link to site 10/2020 as this site is no longer in existence.
  • The addition published here was sent to me through email from Energize for Life years ago.
  • This addition of Acid & Alkaline Food Chart is Version 2.0. 
  • Acid / Alkaline food chart V2.0.
  • If you have a later version, please let me know or publish it here.
  • Download, by right clicking this, acid-alkaline-food-chart-2.0.pdf.

Raw Food Categories

Want a handy reminder of the 24 Raw Food Groups to brighten up your kitchen?

Most people think that eating raw comes down to “fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds”. The truth is that there are actually 24 raw food groups!

The Raw Food Groups

  1. Fresh fruits (apples, pears, pineapple etc.)
  2. Vegetables (carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes etc.)
  3. Salad vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers etc.)
  4. Leafy green vegetables (kale, watercress, chard etc.)
  5. Herbs (basil, mint, parsley etc.)
  6. Wild greens (dandelion, nettle, purslane etc.)
  7. Nuts (almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts etc.)
  8. Dried fruits (prunes, raisins, sultanas etc.)
  9. Sprouted beans, pulses and legumes (aduki, mung, lentil etc.)
  10. Sprouted grains (wheat, rye, barley etc.)
  11. Seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower etc.)
  12. Sprouted seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, chia etc.)
  13. Indoor greens (wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots etc.)
  14. Sprouted vegetable seeds (broccoli, mustard, cress etc.)
  15. Edible flowers (wild rose petals, honeysuckle, lavender blossoms etc.)
  16. Mushrooms (oyster, portobello, reishi etc.)
  17. Sea vegetables (dulse, wakame, kelp etc.)
  18. Algaes (chlorella, spirulina, Klamath lake blue-green algae etc.)
  19. Oils (olive oil, sesame oil, hemp oil etc.)
  20. Stimulants (onion, garlic, cayenne pepper etc.)
  21. Spices (turmeric, cumin, nutmeg etc.)
  22. Flavourings and sweeteners (cacao, honey, mesquite meal etc.)
  23. Superfoods (aloe vera, spirulina, wheatgrass, bee pollen, maca etc.)
  24. Pre-packaged/prepared raw foods (nut butters, seed butters, flax crackers etc.)

  • By playing with all the many different foods available to you within each group, just about any recipe is possible.
    – from the most simple, fresh salad right through to crunchy breakfast
    cereals, crunchy crackers, creamy no-dairy “cheeses”, gourmet raw pizza,
    lasagna, veggie burgers, chocolate tortes, ice-cream and cakes!
  • More about this in the “Recipes” section.

Need to complete for this page

  1. Nutrition required for the body. FDA recommendations.
  2. List produce that has the appropriate vitamins, minerals, lignans and amount required for each
  3. List the rule of three and explain. Air, water and food.- This is done, link to pages and move above.

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