Worlds Radiation issue

  1. Testing of nuclear weapons (During WWII and continuing) and accidental radiation release as of the Three Mile Island, 1979, Chernobyl, 1986, Fukushima, 2011 are just a few that happened in my life, so far.
  2. Radiation travels though are atmosphere and no-one is safe.
  3. Radiation has been being released in earths atmosphere from the 1940s and still continuing with no end in site as humans do not care about other humans.
  4. Radiation is a great issue on earth and is causing premature death to all life.
  5. Here is one source that shows different radioactive incidents.
  6.  Here is one source that shows different radioactive incidents.

Why are we still using Nuclear?

There is no reason to be using nuclear power in this world.  There have been many people that came up with solid other ways to create power, however, change is one that people in power like done except if it benefits them monetarily.

List of clean power
1. Solar power
2. Wind power
3. Water Powered
4. Earths ether for power.
5. Other clean ways to power.

You can change laws


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