Worked on Site

Time spent on site

I spent time on in the last couple of weeks.

What was done

  • Went though site finding failed links and replaced.
  • Internal links that were broke are now fixed.
  • Started writing content that was not complete.
    • still needs more done.
  • Added new pages on more subjects.
  • Menu system has been completely redesigned, and will be going through another change once more content is added.
  • Added a recipe collection to the site.  This give anyone the ability to use the recipes on site or upload your own.  You can then create a daily, weekly, monthly meal plan and create a grocery list from them.
    • Need to go through my recipes and start adding to site, and correct recipes that I have placed already.
  • Modified many pages to add more content and redesigned to create a better look.
    • more needs to be done.
  • Moved content from pages that did not belong and placed in site where they belong.
    • More still needs to be done.

Starting work again

January 4, 2022 I will be starting work again and I already foresee that I will not be able to spend much time on this site for awhile.

Signing off for now

I hope all goes well this year.  We are in some strange times.  Keep your air clean, breath appropriately for all situations, keep distance from people, wear a mask, and do not touch your mouth, face, or eyes with unclean hands.  Disinfect your surroundings often. 

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