Green Smoothies

Information on creating and consuming Green Smoothies can be found here: Green Smoothie – Wealth for Anyone dot com with the recipe at bottom of page. Green Smoothie Recipe  on separate page can be found here: Green Smoothie Recipe (General) – Wealth for Anyone dot com Months ago I  had redone the menu system on … Read more

Wealth section now has content

Content is now in After completing the content outline for this page, I discovered that the content that I mention is mostly available free on the internet in forms of audiobooks and PDF. Therefore I linked where I found the content for free instead of links to where you have to pay. Also this … Read more

Worked on Site

Time spent on site I spent time on in the last couple of weeks. What was done Went though site finding failed links and replaced. Internal links that were broke are now fixed. Started writing content that was not complete. still needs more done. Added new pages on more subjects. Menu system has been … Read more

Happy New Year

Well 2020 was definitely interesting. It may have been better if I was one of the people that was able to collect unemployment and spend a few months working on this site. However I was not given that choose and had to continue my role. I was allowed to use my holiday for the past … Read more

Recipe Collection Added to site

Recipe Collections allow you to save the recipes added to this website in your own collections and then generate a shopping list for. Can be used for collecting favorites, meal planning and much more! For visitors, the collections are automatically stored in their browser for later reuse. For logged in users they are saved in … Read more

COVID-19 or any other virus.

I created a page to assist people with COVID-19 or any other virus. Thank You for your continued comments, emails and support. I really have thought to bring this site down. I spend my time on this and sometimes I feel like I am doing it for no reason and no one cares. Your … Read more

CBD Page Added

I believe that anyone with anxiety, has panic attacks, uncontrollable shaking, seizures, or has anger issues, should consult a physician to verify that you can consume CBD. I do not believe that an extraction from a plant that has helped millions already could harm you, nor have I heard that someone died from or had … Read more

We Moved Domains

Today finalized moving from 4 to for. to Also the website is expanding to three other categories at this time: Wealth Health Government These may change depending on the content that is requested and written. Thank You all again for the comments and emails.

Stop USA Corruption

It is no doubt that our US government is corrupt and no laws have been created to stop them. Obviously they are not going to make or pass laws that will stop themselves from making money. We need to step up and stop the corruption and we can, here is one way: If you live … Read more