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Basics for Life

The Shortcut page

  • My intent for this page is to stay focused on the Basics that should be adhered to for a healthy life.
  • It has been a long journey to discover this information.
  • Going through this site will be beneficial to all who reads this entire blog.
  • You can find all of this information now on the web, however not in a single site as this one is.
  • Most of this information has finally came out because of the internet and is spreading quickly, and no longer can be claimed a hoax, even the FDA has changed to acknowledge the facts.
  • Important information is linked to that subject instead of placing that information below, to shorten this page.

What I am stating below is against the mainstream of this world.  It maybe hard to adapt to what I am saying, however once you create a habit and get alkaline you will notice it was not that hard.  You will feel better about yourself and life.

The Basics

An understanding of this world

  1. Radiation in worlds Air, water supply and food we eat.
  2. Chemicals and pollutants in worlds air, water supply and food we eat.
  3. People in general only care about themselves, and not anyone or anything else that lives on this earth nor concerns for our earth we live on.
  4. The top people in this world only care about making more money and control of the world for their benefit only.
  5. Sad part is we do not have to live on a earth as we do.  The seek of monetary wealth, greed and the control of people and land has caused the issues this world faces currently.
  6. You have been setup to fail from birth.  People are being programmed wrong and this is causing an effect on the world. Evil has taken grip and it shows throughout the world.  

Requirements that are needed to survive a health long life


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