Chemicals and Pollutants

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Our World, Our Air, Water and Food

  1. Our own governments has placed unwanted chemicals in our water.  
  2. Our own governments have placed unwanted radiation in our air and water.
  3. The Fluoride and Chlorine placed in our water supplies alone is not wanted by our bodies and has cause serious issues in mankind.
  4. Water we drink not only has harmful chemicals and radiation it also has anything flushed down the toilet that is attempted to be treated.  Once most is removed then treated with chlorine and fluoride which both are hazardous if consumed.

Be conscious of what you touch, place in or on your body


Examples are mercury, aluminum, Lead.

  • Mercury is known to affect the central nervous system, damaging your brain, kidneys, liver and blood. Even touching small amounts instantly absorbs into your skin and may suffer some small permanent neurological damage.
    Mercury has been removed from most products because of this common knowledge.
  • Aluminum exposure has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is attributed to the latest research. You will find articles that state the opposite, however aluminum is not needed in our body’s and all should avoid touching or placing aluminum on your skin.
  • Lead is known also to be a poison, especially to children as their nervous system and brain are still developing. The damage that is caused cannot be reversed, even though lead poisoning can be treated.

Most deodorants have aluminum in them. If you use deodorant, please find deodorant without aluminum in it.




Eating food prepared and/or delivered by others


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