The air we breathe is important to our longevity. The quantity of air we breathe is also important.  Most don't breathe appropriately, especially in times of stress.

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Basic Human Survival

Air is a very important substance for humans to live.  As stated in my article on Basic Human Survival, Humans can live without air for approximately three minutes, before damage to our organs start, then death.

Why is our air polluted?

The Air we breathe is poisoned. We knowing allow this and do nothing to stop it. I am not sure exactly how we can stop this as we have large corporation (Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Syngenta, Dow Chemical Company and BASF) still concerned about the profit they make over human lives.
The chemicals and the GMO foods they produce are causing death and changing our food source forever and not for the positive. This change is not good and if we do not wake up soon, it may be too late. Also, the chemicals that are sprayed in the air and on the GMO foods, like Roundup are also polluting our land, air, and us. Do you honestly believe that if you spray nothing but Roundup on GMO seeds, and everything around these seeds die however the seed thrives and produces more larger product than a heirloom seed that this can be in some way good to eat? Really?
In recent conflicts in the middle east, depleted uranium weapons were used instead of tungsten. This leaves the middle east blowing uranium partials into the wind to attach to DNA of any living species. Years later it is now know that this uranium has caused birth defects and deaths among children that live in these countries, and the birth defects of children born from soldiers on all sides that were exposed to this spent uranium.
The testing of nuclear bombs in the Nevada dessert that lead up to the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima and then Fat Man on Nagasaki, and continued of atmospheric nuclear weapons tests much larger than Japan were conducted by the US between 1945 and 1962 with thousands of unprotected live persons.
The reactor incidents of SL-1 (Idaho,1961), Three Mile Island (Pennsylvania, 1979), Chernobyl (Soviet Union, 1986), and the worst so far to date of writing is Fukushima (Japan, 2011).

Quality of Air

The Quality of the air we breathe is important.  Many factors dictate the quality of the air you breathe.  See the more reading below for the reasons why so I do not have explain here again.

Our air is poisoned, and you should filter your air that you breath in.  Here is link to how to clean your air. 

More reading:

Quantity of Air

The quantity of air that you breath is important.

Cleaning your Air

AIR Purifier

  • Filtering your air using a good air purifier at this time is best.
  • I would consider one for the room you sleep in and the room you use the most.
  • Buy air purifier that can handle the space you are placing it in.
  • Research on the features they have and if you really need those features to save money.
  • Air purifiers are designed to clean the air for your lungs to breath cleaner air, not clean the bacteria from your door handle, counter tops, etcetera. 
    • I say this because the UV option is being sold to assist in bacteria.  UV will neutralize bacteria in the air, but will not clean your surfaces.

What to look for in an Air Purifier

Air Purifier Recommendation

Proper Breathing

Normal Breathing

The most common method of breathing that you will be using is:  IN through your nose, and OUT through your mouth.  You should also learn to apply the root lock and tongue compression to roof of mouth when breathing.

Root Lock (Mula Bandha) needs to be understood and practiced while breathing. When breathing in through your nose your tongue should press against the roof of your mouth.  When breathing out through your mouth you should apply the root lock.

Root Lock Explained

Other methods of Breathing

List methods and how to perform them.

Explain the different breathing methods and how to breathe life into our bodies, using the polluted air that we are forced to breath.

Lung Exercises

  • It is important to understand and participate in lung exercises.
  • I recommend doing lung exercises in a room that the air is filtered, or outside if air quality is better than inside air.
  • Keeping your lungs healthy and allowing you to have more air in times of stress.
  • This link to American Lung Association on lung exercises.

Point to note: The world has been about making money not what is best for the general population. We need to remove the love of greed, money, and power from our society.

Let me go on a tangent here

It is proven that all life is matter and energy.  On a level of atomic, nuclear, and smaller microscopic levels we are nothing but particles of energy matter that is moving.  We are built of a large volume of small partials.  The whole universe is the same.

I go through this to get to the subject of ETHER and Tones.  I was exposed to the concepts of ether in 4H electronics, my father’s explanation of ether (My father had a heavy background in tube and solid-state electronics.  He taught other people electronics and concepts when asked.), also in High School Electronics.  Ether was also discussed in my High School Chemistry and Biology II class.  I also was raised Catholic, and Ether was also brought up in this Religion.  Even though what Religion, Science, and Electronics each were talking about was a different Ether, in fact is not.  I discovered this about a decade or so when I came across some of Tesla’s Notes, patents, and information released by the FBI years after being taken from the Hotel room Tesla was staying in.  Tesla described ether as a substance that is all around the universe and us. Ether can be harnessed as energy in different ways.   More notes on Tesla below.

For electronics it can be harnessed to produce electricity.  For humans, ether can be harnessed to bring life to our cells.
All this to bring up the point that Correct Breathing is very important to humans

Ether in the air

The ether in the air can be harnessed as food for us.  Proper breathing, positive mental attitude, and meditation will allow you to use the ether in the air to produce life fuel. 

A side benefit to mastering the above would be to also heal yourself and others.

Talk About Air, how to breath, bring in energy

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Talk About tones and frequencies

Talk about tones, vibrations and how they are important to us:

  1. Praying and blessing your food is a way of placing good vibrations into your food.
  2. Be Thankful for everything. Say prayers with giving thanks.
  3.  The power of Gratitude. (Make page and link here)

A small solution that works

We are the consumers and must stop consuming products that are not good for us. Based of Supply and Demand, if we stop demanding the product then the supply will go away. Be conscious of what you purchase.

Note on Tesla

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It should be noted and kept in history that Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower was the last dream that Tesla could get backing for after JP Morgan (JP Morgan also noted to have helped with creating the ‘Great Depression’.) decided that he could not place a meter on wireless power or wireless transmissions.  Without being able to think outside the box, JP Morgan pulled all of his financial backing from Tesla’s and made sure everyone else did also.  JP Morgan went even further and blackballed Nikola Tesla.  Tesla previously showed that ether can be taken from the air to power an electric motor.  Actually, it was that he powered an electric car without the use of electricity, with a handful of electronic parts.  This also made his backers mad that he was producing something that could not sell.  Thomas Edison tried over and over to prove Edison Direct Current electric was better than Tesla’s Alternating Current electric.  Even though Edison eventually had Tesla work on Edison Generators using his (Tesla’s) own AC patents and new designs tesla had, eventually turning all of Edison’s Power plants to Tesla’s AC.  Thomas Edison himself did not pay Nikola Tesla a fraction of what Tesla was owed by Edison.  If Edison would have been an honest person, and paid Tesla what was owed, then Nikola Tesla’s dream would have been financed by himself and this world would be different now.   Tesla was living in the New Yorker Hotel alone for years and died alone, found by the maid, in January 1943.  The FBI ordered seize of all Tesla’s belongings two days after his death.  Even though nothing would be released for many years from the FBI, it was stated that it was determined that Tesla did not have any new sound, workable principles or methods from the documents they seized with over 15 years of Tesla’s last years.  I can feel and see that they have lied.


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