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Recommended sweetener

  • The only sweetener recommend is natural honey, or sweet fruits.
  • There is also Raw Stevia that has its benefits however I myself prefer the taste of real natural honey that has not been heated
  • I recommend soaking pitted dates in orange juice for a few hours then blend.
  • Use the blended pitted dates as your sweetener, can use the juice as part of your water also, be creative.

Other sweeteners to consider

  • Raw Stevia
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Agave Nectar

Stay away from Cane Sugar, high fructose corn syrup. Do not buy honey sold in stores. Purchase honey from local farmers that fill jars and sell. No heating of the honey. Stay away from Farmers that store there honey in large containers and then reheat to fill jars. You will not get the benefits from store bought honey.

What to look for in acquiring raw honey

Find a Bee Keeper that does not heat the honey up beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • A bee keeper that extracts from the hive into glass containers and sells honey in those glass containers is best. 
  • Stay away from Bee Keepers that extract there honey into a huge container and then heats the honey up to place in smaller containers is not a good Bee Keeper. 
  • Do not buy if they are extracting to plastic containers, especially if the plastic container is not food grade. 
  • No Home Depot, Lowes buckets are not food grade.
  • See more on what I wrote on Plastic.
  • If the honey has a burnt taste or a molasses taste then the keeper overheated your honey and it will not give you the beneficial properties as they have been heated out.
  • One more thought to consider, almost all raw honey will crystallize.  This is normal and it should.  If you require your honey to be liquid, place in heated water under 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  It will melt.

  • Also if you are using crystallized honey you will notice you need less as it is more potent.