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Use only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. DE used for pools and other applications is poison and should not be consumed by humans or animals.

We have been using food grade diatomaceous earth from https://www.diatomaceousearth.com/ for decades. The multiple uses is amazing.

Benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth for humans.

  • Consume it for the silica for healthy teeth, hair and nails, bones, tendons, blood vessels and skin.
  • Consume it to help move things out of your intestines and help regular bowel movements.
  • Consume to detox your body to allow more absorption of nutrients.
  • It is also been stated that it can kill and flush out parasites and worms in the digestive track.

Benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth for pets.

  • Pets and farm animals will receive the same benefits as humans.
  • Sprinkle it on pets to remove fleas.
  • Fleas eaten turn into worms that populate in the digestive track and rob your animals of nutrients. Adding food grade DE to their food will remove these worms and other parasites.

Benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth for your house

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There are so many uses for Food Grade DE. Sign up for the free copy of
The DE Book: Diatomaceous Earth for People, Pets, and Pest Control at https://www.diatomaceousearth.com/


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