Multi Vitamins and Supplements

Multivitamins not recommended

  • I do not recommend taking multi vitamins or most supplements.
  • Mostly you are wasting your money and passing most of the vitamins though urination and bowel movement.
  • You should find natural plants that will provide the vitamins, minerals, legumes that the body requires.

What if Doctor Prescribes

  • If you doctor finds you are deficient in vitamins or minerals, take doctors advise to remove this deficiency.
  • Get your prescribed prescriptions, or pickup what doctor recommends and take as described.
  • As you are doing what your doctor recommends, look for and start consuming Raw Foods that contain what you are lacking.
  • Add these Raw Foods to your diet, next doctor visit you should not be lacking any vitamins or minerals.

How to find out if you are deficient

  • * Important * Blood Test(s)
  • You should seek a Holistic Doctor that will draw your blood and tell you what your body is lacking.
  •   All Doctors will be able to run appropriate test(s), however holistic should put you on the correct track without pharmaceutical drugs.