Acid Reflex/ Heart burn

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Easy Way to stop Acid Reflex

  • Are you eating acidic foods that make your stomach acids start to erupt? 
  • Do you have to take medications that have side effects of causing acid reflex?
  • Do not go for the TUMs, Alka-Seltzer, Mylanta, Nexium, Pepto-Bismol first. 
  • All these have extra chemicals that may not be needed or wanted in your body.

The Simple Solution

  • Take a half to a teaspoon of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) in a small amount of warm water (about two or more tablespoons of water). 
  • Stir rapidly and slam it down. 
  • Be prepared for temporarily blotting for a few minutes as the Baking Soda starts to work and you will start to expel the gases in your stomach through your mouth and or nose. 
  • If you are gases are really bad some wet stuff might come up also, so be prepared. 
  • You should feel rapid relief.

Other Comments

  • Using the name brand products I listed above have never done me better then the baking soda method.
  • People have reported that they did not like this method at first, however is the fastest and best way to rid of acid relax produced by smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming foods that are not good, pharmaceutical drugs that etcetera.
  • As always when taking pharmaceutical drugs ask your physician if Baking Soda could affect your outcome.

Other uses for Baking Soda


Store your baking soda in an air tight glass container to maintain freshness.


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