All natural methods take time

  1. You did not just get sick one day. It took time to weaken your immune system. It is not recommended to use western, new age medicine, practices, or surgery if at all can be avoided. The results usually are temporary.
  2. There are times that western, new age medicine, practices, or surgery are needed to save lives because of an unfortunate condition or event.
  3. If you are spiritually in tune with the universe then you should be able to avoid misfortune.


Eyeglasses– No one should have to use eyeglasses. Eye exercises should be taught in school and used throughout your life to avoid having to wear eyeglasses.
If you wear eyeglasses long enough and do not choose to do eye exercises, then your lens in each of your eyes will eventually start to harden as of a result of the muscles attached to your lens is no longer pulling or pushing on your lenses to focus. You will end up with cataracts.
Then one day you lose vision all together because of the stress the eyeglasses have put on your eyes and then you find out that you have glaucoma. Your optic nerve gets damaged because of the pressure. You do not have to wear glasses to get cataracts or glaucoma. Wearing of eyeglasses dramatically increases the chances of getting cataracts or glaucoma. Do not wear eye glasses if you can avoid it and do eye exercises that will give you better vision and extremely lower your chances of cataracts or glaucoma.
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Dental – Keep your teeth healthy. If you must have a cavity filled, or a tooth replaced then keep in mind that nothing man makes lasts forever. This includes root canals, crowns fillings, dental implants. They all will eventually fail and need to be adjusted or replaced. Attempt to keep your teeth health throughout your life.
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