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The Start of Life

  • Even before the beginning of conception it is important that the host (Mother) receives proper air, water, and nutrients.
  • What the mother chooses to breath in, consume, and listen to will affect the child.
  • A Mother should not have stress or be placed in a situation of stress, during and after pregnancy. She will have a few years to dedicate fully to the development of the baby(s).
  • The child will place mental and physical stress on the mother and the father should be there to assist in sharing the responsibilities of positive caring for the baby(s).
  • Father along with trusted close family and trusted friends should look for the signs that the mother is struggling and should assist. You must gain mother’s trust. You just cannot take a child from a mother without consent as this will cause stress on the mother and child’s spiritual bond (cord).
  • Do not stress mother or child.
  • Do not allow mother to pick up an object that will place strain on her while she is pregnant.
  • Do not allow mothers body to get struck, jarred, etcetera while pregnant.  Especially not in the womb area.  Remember no stress on mother or baby(s).
  • Anyone that is pregnant should seek a holistic doctor and have regular checkups to verify that the mother and baby are healthy. If there is some concern, then the holistic doctor will explain what should be done until the next checkup.
  • Stay positive and say positive affirmations throughout the day, to yourself and to your children, especially the ones in the womb.
  • Fathers stay patient with your child’s mother and assist her throughout your child’s life. Stay positive and state positive affirmations throughout the day.
  • The above has been well known and documented so it should not be a surprise to you.

Plan the pregnancy not just pop out a bunch of children.

You are not doing society or anyone, especially yourself if you do not plan the pregnancy. I have noticed for decades that people are having children at a young age (babies having babies). This should stop as it is not doing anyone any good. A child cannot have experienced enough life to give birth to a baby and then raise it correctly. What has happened is because babies give birth to babies the world has suffered and now we have adults that do not have a clue and continue to consume without caring.
It maybe alright for babies to give birth to babies if the mother was given a proper upbringing. The problem is that no proper upbringing is being given because the parents were never given a proper upbringing.

Give to the Child (your all).

The mother receiving proper air, water, nutrients is important and so is the atmosphere that is present for the child. Expectantly until the child’s critical factor has been developed.
A child has no critical factor until around four to five years in age (This is argumentative on exactly what age and could change based on the child’s development.).
Even before the child is born, the mother should not be stressed at all. No one should be yelling or arguing at or around the mother. The mother should be kept out of any stressful situations. The mother should not be listening to ‘Today’s music’.

I bring Critical factor up now as it is so important for all to understand.
Learn to control your critical factor, and protect your children’s critical factor.

Critical factor

The critical factor resides between your conscious and subconscious mind.
It is important to learn to control your critical factor, and in later discussions I plan to explain how.
The critical factor protects your subconscious mind for unwanted behaviors from becoming part of your reality. The critical factor is not present in the beginning of life. This is to allow a child to develop without having to know if the information is true or not. A child prior to developing the critical factor (around four to five years in age) absorbs everything that that it hears, sees, feels, etc. Because of the child’s mind being like a sponge and absorbing everything, is the reason you as parents must protect your child.

Note: It is argumentative on exactly what age the critical factor is established and could change based on the child’s development.

What not to do for your child

  • Your child should not be watching TV, be on social media, around people that are bad influences.
  • Listening to music that is not appropriate.
  • Do not give your child other food that is not provided by this earth.
  • No man-made foods should be consumed.
  • Meat (animal flesh) cook or not cooked should be no given if possible.
  • Fresh fish from Fish farms can be consumed.
  • Any other animal milk should not be given to your child ever.
  • Make nut milks if you desire milk.

It is obviously easier to place a child in front of the television instead of practicing with them to learn alphabets, numbers, etc.

I don’t believe anyone said raising a child property is easy. Please do not take the easy way out. Remember, both you are learning as you learn and then teach your children.

What to do for your child

Regardless if you wanted the child or not, it is time to step up and be an excellent parent. While the child is still in the womb the mother should:
Make sure to not lift anything heavy.

  • Get conformable with changing your life stile for your child.
  • How exciting to start a path to a better healthy life for your family. You all will benefit.
  • Breath in good air. Filter your houses air.
  • Consume the proper nutrients that your holistic doctor has outlined.
  • Stay away from bad influence people. Screaming people, high strung people, people who use bad language.
  • Stay away from any surroundings that could give your unborn trauma. Loud music, music with bad lyrics.
  • Provide your child with proper air, water, and nutrients by providing only what the earth provides.
  • Ask yourself is this bad for my child, and if you believe it is, stay away.

Do not get angry with your child.

This is very important. Remember that they do not know anything. You must teach them. You are only making it worse for you and your child if you get angry, hit or abuse your child. Do not let your child out of your site at this age. You do not know what anyone else will say or do around this child. It is up to you to protect your child’s eyes and ears from anything that can be negative.

The mother throughout pregnancy should not consume anything other than what nature provides. Organic fruits and vegetables would be best.

Diet for expecting mothers (and everyone):

  • Consume Super Foods.
  • Make and consume Green Smoothies.
  • Stay away from processed foods and drinks, animal flesh, dairy.
  • What you consume will affect your attitude & energy and your breast milk that you will be giving to your child.

Diet for mothers after birth for her health and breast milk for child:

  •  Listed below

What to feed your child:

  •  Listed below

Birth-until mother and child decide

  • Breast milk.

Exclusively breastfeed your child for up to 6 months.

Breast milk is really important for your child’s immune system and development. Breast milk contains antibodies and the ideal nutrition for your baby. The antibodies help your baby fight of bacteria and viruses. There are also benefits to the mother that I will not cover here.

It really is up to you and your baby to decide what is the best time to stop breast feeding.
Breast pumps can be used if the mother does not like the child breast feeding from her. Breast pumps should be used regardless to have extra breast milk stored.

Note: If breast milk is unavailable then purchase from a vegan mother source. Ask your doctor about a ‘Milk bank’. It is best to buy from a source you can trust. If you can meet the mother that is better. I would recommend not buying breast milk that is powder or simulated (unnecessary additives and preservatives that you do not want in your child’s body).

6 months – until mother and child decide.

  • After 6 months start gradually introducing appropriate raw foods while still breastfeeding, continue to breastfeed for two years and beyond.
  • Puree all foods at this time. Process slow to not overheat in food processor.
  • Remember anything heated above 117 degrees Fahrenheit loses nutrients.

1 year-until mother and child decide.

  • Still giving breast milk.
  • raw fruits, vegetables can start to be small pieces when teeth start appearing. Be prepared to assist your child in removing any small pieces that they cannot chew or start to choke on.

While at this time or prior your child has or is still having teeth come in, you should now still breastfeed from the mother or bottle with breast milk or now use a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

Until Mother and child decides-rest of life.

  • After breast feeding you can move on to salads of different varieties.
  • Be creative with your raw food experience and provide lots of raw foods.
  • Green smoothies should be incorporated in diet for all.

Food to include in your baby’s diet.

  •  Fresh organic, pesticide free fruits and vegetables.  Grown from a reliable source.

How to make your baby’s food.

  •  Blend slowly not to heat the food. Over 117 degrees Fahrenheit will destroy nutrients.
  • Whatever store-bought food that you want to feed you baby and child should be freshly made.  This way no preservatives or fillers are added.
  • We are dumb down by the over processed, preservatives, fillers, chemicals, coloring and cheap product used to make food less expensive and tasteful.

Learning is the practice of doing the same thing over and over again.  

Do not confuse with the meaning of insanity which is doing the same process over and over again expecting different results.

Repetition (Practice) is a major key to learning.

What to teach your child:

Age 0-3:

  • listen to classical music.
  • Practice Eyesight exercises.
  • Practice hearing exercises.
  • Learn and teach tones and vibrations. This has been lost in our world today and is so important to understand and learn. (explain)
  • Flash cards. Shapes, Sizes, Alphabets, Numbers. (explain)
  • Start flash cards to learn different languages.
  • Massage your child’s body, including eyes. (explain)
  • Move, store, send energy (CHI) throughout body.
  • Bedtime, while sleeping, or at any time during the day that has free time, play binaural beats with subliminal messages.
  • Start teaching how to write your language and other languages.

Age 4-5:

  • Continue with routine for all in Age 0-3 until memorized, then still practice.
  • Start teaching EFT and teach how to get to different states of the mind just by stating the state and a physical gesture.
  • Start teaching different breathing techniques.
  • Teach your child how to self-massage body, including eyes.
  • Continue move, store, send energy throughout body and heal with it.
  • Start training in Tai Chi. (Exercising the body with other benefits)
  • Start training in Aikido. (Exercising the body with other benefits)
  • Start training in wrestling. (Exercising the body with other benefits)
  • Teach how to write and speak the alphabets and numbers in your language and other languages.
  • Learn and start teaching Ericksonian Hypnosis created by Milton Erickson.
  • Start teaching Zebu. (Search the internet for Zebu cards. Hopefully you will be able to still purchase or make your own.)

Age 6-7:

  • Continue with routine for all in Age 4-5, until memorized, then still practice.  Set a routine to continue self-massage body, including eyes.
  • Continue practicing different breathing techniques and explain when each should be used.
  • Set a routine to continue move, store, send energy throughout body and heal with it.
  • Set a routine to continue training in Tai Chi.
  • Set a routine to continue training in Aikido.
  • Set a routine to continue training in wrestling.
  • Set a routine to continue Ericksonian Hypnosis created by Milton Erickson.
  • Continue Zebu until patterns are set and memorized.

Age 8-life:

  • Continue with routine for all in Age 6-7, until memorized, then still practice.
  • Continue practicing different breathing techniques and question child on when each should be used until learned.
  • Learn and teach other writing methods, cursive, shorthand (stenography).
  • Learn and teach other languages, spoken and written.


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