Good Verses Bad

Another Note to keep in mind that I have found to be true:
 I am very displeased how Pure Love will always give into Evil, however Pure Evil will always run away from Pure Love.  It is a good that Evil cannot stand Love, and is afraid of it, however I am not pleased that Love gives into Evil all the time. Hope I did not lose you there.  (Explain more on another page and ref a link here to it.)

Forces in the world that can be grouped in two categories: Good and Bad. Everything in this world falls under one of these two categories. 

Good would be God and his counterparts.

Bad would be Satan and his counterparts. 
Bad is anything outside of God and his word.

Spirit Planes and Dimensions

I am not asking you to believe in a God, nor am I asking you to believe in Satan.
What I am asking you to do is remember your childhood and recall the situations that you could not explain. Asking your peers that were disbelievers did not help at all.

You may have been told there is no such thing as spirits, ghosts, etc. However you did feel there is something else besides what was being told. Unfortunately most of us were told there is no such things as spirits and because this came from an authority figure, it was set in our subconscious. The ignorance of our peers has hurt us spiritually among other aspects.

Side note:
The United States has funded many secret projects to discover how they can manipulate and use the other planes to their advantage. Multiple projects that now have surfaced over the past couple decades. As the projects were being requested through the US government, ironically most of the paperwork for these projects were requested destroyed, and done so. Most of these project we will never know everything that was discovered. Even if the documents were not destroyed, I honestly believe we still would not be told the truth. Some of these projects like the Manhattan project resulted in unexpected results, leading to other Government projects.
Projects worth noting: Manhattan project, MKUltra, MKSearch (MKOften and MKChickwit or Chickwit), Artichoke, Chatter, MKNaomi, Stargate, Looking Glass, and of course operation paperclip and outcast (Which brought over fifteen hundred German engineers, scientists to be released in the United States to do all sorts of unknown unethical experiments on humans. Many of which we will never know as the research has been destroyed.)
It maybe possible that nothing was discovered in most of these projects that they decided to end the projects. However my research has led me to believe otherwise. Also most of these projects I listed were derived because of unexpected findings from the parent project.

Do you recall maybe dreaming and it feels so real? Do you remember dreaming and talking to others? Do you recall having daja vu (The feeling in this present moment that you have been here or done this already.)? Maybe you felt something you could not explain, or heard something a clear as someone speaking to you however no one was around? Do you remember situations that occurred that you can not explain? Most likely these were you being in tune (or partially) with the frequency of the other planes of existence.
This brings me to the thought of our chakras and the importance of developing your chakras.
More on chakras.

Magic and Magick

If you are a magician or want to practice in magic, please stay away from black magic (Magick) or other forms of this type of magic (Magick). Keep your magic to illusions by using sleight of hand. Do not cast spells, conjure, or be part of any magical (Magick) ritual, as this will anger God. The purpose of our lives, according to KJV 1611 is for God’s pleasure only. We are to speak of him, praise him and do what he asks of us. However most of the population are so far away from connecting spiritually or do not believe in spirits so therefore they will be forever lost, believing the lies that this world sells. The cost that unbelievers will pay is extremely high and the worst part is they will never know. They will live a life of unknowing, drifting through life never connecting to the universal mind.
Again if you do or do not believe in a God is OK, however not tapping into your full potential is a shame in itself. You do not have to believe in a God to be spiritual. Eating the correct food and practice clearing your mind to allow you to see, hear, and speak to others in different planes.
I have been told that I should not be seeking this knowledge because it is blasphemy. I however do not believe seeking and learning any knowledge is wrong. It is what you do with that knowledge that can be considered blasphemy. Example would be to learn Magick and then perform a ritual to gain some type of knowledge. Which is going on the dark or evil side. Another example would be to learn to Astral project and seek that same knowledge, which is not evil at all.

NOTE: The Bible refers to a time when the serpent came to Eve and told her she would have the knowledge of God if you eat from that one and only forbidden tree. As she did she saw all as God. So did Adam after the women convinced him to eat the fruit and was be like God also.

I would like to expand on this subject……….

Regardless if you believe in a God or not, you can see and feel that their is good and bad in this world. I would hope that you know that there is more to life than what has been taught and what is seen. You can feel it can’t you? It’s been there, just can’t explain it.

Read about quieting you mind, and connecting to the universal mind.
These are rights you have that will be taken away if we allow our governments to continue.

If you believe in the stories in the Bible, Jesus was given to die for your sins (Mark 3:16).  While Lucifer was cast down by God (Revelation 9:11, 12:7-10, 20:1-3, Isaiah 14:12-15, 2 Peter 2:4).  We were created for Gods pleasure (Ephesians 2:1-10) not our own.  We are to listen to our father (GOD) and do what he commands.  We are not to do what we want to do.  Our father loves us very much and does not want us hurt, and when we do not listen to him then what will follow in life will most likely be unpleasant.

The hardest part of this life is to walk in the shadow of GOD and to stop walking with the majority of people on this planet.

When asked a question it is very important to explain the answer to the question as best as possible to allow your listeners to see the reasoning of the situation.  Never state it is because I said so or another answer that is unknown to be true.   When you do not know that answer to a question, never guess.  Being honest and stating you do not know the actual answer is better than making up something.  If you feel bad because you do not know the answer then you can state that you do not know the answer, however would be happy to find or assist in finding the answer.  Deception is not something that should be practiced, unless you are a magician. 

The heart break that this journey has given me is unbelievable and is becoming more and more unbearable.  I know there are others in this world that have it far worse than me.  I am not trying to make light of others that suffer in this world, or have suffered beyond what I have experienced.


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