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  • This is a free site connected to the world wide web.
  • I thought this information should be shared as at one point in time I know others were looking for it.  They may not have liked the answers but finding the truth I bellieve is best.
  • Some people apparently are bored and instead of reading the contents of the site they would rather attack my site and host provider, to attempt malicious activity.
  • This causes site slow downs on requested pages and content of site.
  • Ban of Internet Protocol address is not the best way, as DHCP request get released and given to someone else.   For this reason alone we will make exceptions if you send us an email to requesting your IP to be allowed to see site.
  • We are looking at configuring our Firewall to ban by MAC address and not IP which would solve this issue above. 

Why ban someone from this site

  • The time spent on just creating and formatting alone is tedious. 
  • I do not want to spend time fixing this site because of mischievous activities.
  • This site cost me money to maintain and time, and it is free to you.
  • Attempting to hack sites cause slow downs and I just do not like to see people attempting to hack this site.
  • The rules apply now and if you do activity to trigger one of these rules, your IP automatically gets banned.
  • Geo-fencing will be next as I am seeing patterns out of some countries.  Once your country is banned, you will have to use a VPN until our site auto rules ban them also for bad conduct.
  • Again looking at banning by MAC address and not IP.

What to do if you been banned

  • Send an email to requesting your IP address to be removed from being banned.
  • We understand DHCP and understand that DHCP request change.  The IP address that an attacker has today that got banned could be given out in a week or so to another who has no intentions to hack our site.  
  • For that reason if you are banned and send an email with IP address, we will evaluate the logs for that IP address. 
  • If allowed back to view site and your IP address is picked up by our automatic rules of mischievous behavior, the rules will auto ban you again.

How to find your IP address!

  • will show you your current WAN IP address for the location you are currently at. If using a VPN tunnel then it shows your end IP.

How do you know if your IP address is banned?