Play Unreal GOTY

Table of Contents

General Information

  • Anyone in the WWW can play at this time on the below Game Servers.  
  • Game Servers may go private if issues provide. 
  • Do not have access?  Want access? contact
  • We do not monitor often, so expect delays.
  • If you know us, contact us directly!

Game Files

Game files are located here. Install UT GOTY on a Windows Operating System.

If you do not know the password then contact

Step 1.  Go into the folder ‘Unreal GOTY  INSTALL FILES’ once logged into above.

Step 2. You should see  four items, 1 folder, 3 files.

Step 3. Read the + Read Me First +.txt file.

Step 4. Recommend downloading the

              -Once downloaded, double click on the zip file and double click on the setup.exe

              -Follow through setup without changing anything.

              –WinRar folder in the download folder is to compress or uncompress files.  If you can not extract the zip file once downloaded.  Download WinRar, install and you will be able to open the zip file.

Step 5. Once Unreal GOTY is installed, Run the unrealtournament.exe from c:\UnrealTournament\System\

Step 6. Configure your user (Options, Player Setup).

Step 7. Connect to multiplayer game (Multiplayer, Find LAN Games. In the Unreal Tournament Server Browser Window that appears, click on the UT Servers tab and select a game when finished populating.) servers are listed below.

To save to be on Favorite tab, right click on a server and left click on Add to Favorites. 

Any issues, comments, changes to the above, please contact

Site Locations

All Servers have a MapVote installed. A MapVote Window will pop up after a game has been completed.
It is recommended to assign a key, while MapVote windows is present.  Pressing the assigned MapVote key will bring up the MapVote window at any time during a game to switch to a different game type or map.

  • Prissy’s Play House  server can be found on UT server tab (multiplayer, find LAN Game) as:
    • Prissy’s PlayHouse 
    • unreal://
    • This is a Mostly Monster Hunt Unreal GOTY server.  You can vote for other maps, however not so many other maps than Monster Hunt.
    • This server will be updated with more Monster Hunt maps and mods when time provides.
  • Rabbid’s Lair server can be found on UT server tab (multiplayer, find LAN Game) as:
    • Rabbid’s Lair
    • unreal://
    • This is a Multi-Mutated server.  Many different maps for all types of Unreal game play.  Except Monster Hunt.
  • Test UT server can be found on UT server tab (multiplayer, find LAN Game) as:
    • Test UT Server
    • unreal://
    • This maybe a fun server but it is for testing and may crash often.
    • This is the server that mods and mutators are installed and tested before going to Prissy’s or Rabbid’s UT server.
  • Roxin Penguin server can be found on UT server tab (multiplayer, find LAN Game) as:
    • Roxin UT Server
    • unreal://
    • Finally brought this server back online (7-2020).  Been down for a few years.
    • This is a fun server with different modifications.
    • May crash do to mods, will attempt to keep running.  MapVote needs updating, however is available on server. When time is available, this server will be looked at to make more stable.
  • Other servers are in the works and are planned to be online, fall of 2020 by others and will be listed here.


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